The Heli Heads Show

The Heli Heads Show is a podcast that shares the passion for Radio Controlled Helicopters!

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Luke warm hands and Skids go it alone w/o fencepost and Gooch! So, Chris Barnes stops by to hang out and talk about the firsts of things from funflys to bad builds to achievements in our great hobby! ...
October 11, 2021
We join up with some new comers to one the nicest facilities in the south for a Heli event!  Sean Hall, Zach Waddell and Eric Shoe join in to tell about their experiences at Triple Tree in Woodruff SC...
September 27, 2021
AJ is hidden gem in our hobby! Tune in and hear about his accomplishments, most recently the battle of the Brands at IRCHA 2021, and he explains how he use to be somebody!  Lets make AJ great again an...
September 13, 2021
Tune in this show to listen to how low the budget has gotten. Who knew that faking it till you make it could be so hard? It's our very own Seinfeld show of nothing!  We'll be sure to make it up to you...
August 30, 2021
Another IRCHA was upon us and it was even better then the last!! Join the guys as they walk you through their experiences of IRCHA 2021! They are joined by Eric Shoe and the famous videography, Bill A...
August 16, 2021
Wanna know what happens in Ohio? Well tune in and get front row seats to the first annual amateur 3D Throwdown competition at the Ohio Heli Throwdown! If you don't listen, Bruno will find you! Enjoy, ...
August 2, 2021
Join the guys for an exciting conversation with Sherman Martin! We learn more about Sherman and his approach to gas!
July 19, 2021
Join Gucci, FencePost, Maynard and Skids as they discuss what makes flights look impressive. They cover aspects of routines that stand out and separate the men from the boys! Hope you enjoy! 
July 5, 2021
Join the guys as we spend time with Manny on the show!  We get to know him and discuss everything from spring fling to life in Florida! Enjoy!    
June 21, 2021
This show the guys bring on a legend in F3c/F3n competition! Nick Maxwell brings what to expect in the competition from preparation to being judged!  If you've been thinking about competing, this epis...
June 7, 2021

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